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Student Letterpress Workers

Student Letterpress Workers came about after Naomi attended the Letterpress Workers Summit in Milan in 2017. The Letterpress Workers Summit is an event where printers from across the globe meet together in Milan for a 4 day collaborative letterpress printing event. 

The Student Letterpress Workers follows the same  format. Students from 5 universities around the UK are invited to Birmingham City University where the event is held. The annual event is an introduction to networking and also a collaborative printing event. There are 4 table top galley presses, 1 theme for the week and a different group of people working together each day on a print.

Each student is also asked to bring with them to the event a print on a certain topic in an edition of 25. These prints are then bound together in book form for each participant to take home. 

There are also presentation from the students talking about their work, a trip to the Winterbourne press and of course, we eat lots of food together!

Read about it on my blog here.

These images are from 2018 & 2019

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