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Student Letterpress Workers

Summer 2017 I attended the Letterpress Workers event, held in Milan. Read about it here.  This inspired me to hold a student version here in the UK – bringing students that had been involved in letterpress during their degree to come together from universities from across the UK and print together for a 3 day event.

I wanted to facilitate a support network for young and emerging artists and designers that are involved in different skill sets in the process of printmaking and in doing so, bringing together universities with previously no links.

The students were asked to bring an edition of 25 a print on the theme of ‘unrest’. With the idea to bind them together so each participant could take home a piece of everyones work.

‘Unrest’ prints laid out on the table

The theme for the 3 days was ‘peace’. Students were put into random groups of 4 to produce a print on this theme.

Mattson & Callum

An all ladies team!

Enter a caption

During the event there was a speed typesetting competition!

Speed typesetting competition in full swing

On the first evening students were invited to give a presentation on their practice

Elizabeths presentation

David & Louis

Elizabeth having a great time

Pub lunch in the sun

Tasha & Mattson bookbinding everyones work together

Quiz time!

Morning creative thinking meeting before this lot get inky!

Finished prints from each team in the background

Hand bound books – FINISHED!

The team. What a great bunch! Students from CSM, Kingston, Plymouth, BCU & Anglia Ruskin

I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely, engaging & enthusiastic bunch of students to be involved in the event! Here’s to next year!

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